Animated Joust Cross Stitch

The other day my brother was suggesting that I make a cross stitch movie. I.e. generate patterns from a bunch of different static frames of a movie, and combine them to form a movie. It seemed like a pretty sweet idea, but lo and behold, it looks like someone has already done that. Kidmissile over in the Manbroidery flickr group stitched this awesome short video, using sprites from the game Joust. Check out kidmissile's photostream on flickr for his other crafts.

I think the idea is awesome. Classic video games would be great inspiration for this, since the sprites they use are fairly small and the animations are fairly short. If you feel like making one, remember you can use the free cross stitch pattern maker on our site to generate each of the individual frames. If you do make the a cross stitch animation, or even just a stitch of a photo or drawing you like, we'd love to show it off! Just email us.