A Bunch of Improvements

I finally found some time to make some improvements on the site. It started off with one, but then I got on a roll and was able to make a bunch of improvements that I've been wanting to make.

Here is a list of the improvements:

  • I added a cover page in the pdf, which lists all of the threads in the pattern and gives a preview of the result. It also shows what my program thinks each of the thread colors is, so you can verify that the color matches the actual thread (since the colors vary, depending on lighting and dmc dye lot, so I always recommend that you double check the thread colors before you get started.)
  • I changed how I select the thread colors to use. Now it does a much better job of choosing good colors, especially when you only want to use a few threads. It also does much better at choosing enough thread colors (e.g. before if you wanted 40 thread colors, oftentimes it would give you a pattern with only 20. Now it's much more likely to give you a pattern with 39 or 40 colors.)
  • I added an option to use only grayscale threads, or to use a simple, reduced set of thread colors (as opposed to the 400+ threads)
  • I also created a blog archive page and a page to browse all tags. In addition to this, I made the archive browsing pages a bit friendlier.

Please let me know what you think of the improvements, if anything breaks or stops working, or if you have any other feedback about the site. Thanks for using it, and happy stitching.