I Have the Best Sister Ever!!

Last weekend my sister gave me the nicest present ever. As a thank you gift for making her the site, she made me a cross stitch from a photo of my brother, sister, and I, based on the photo on the about page.

She's been working on it in secret for a very long time, and when she gave it to me it just blew me away. I love you cutie 3.14...!

In other news, I just checked and the site has generated over 100,000 patterns. Even if most of them will never be stitched, it's still amazing to me. Thanks to everyone who has written with comments and helpful suggestions, and thanks to everyone who has shared patterns with the blog. I'm swamped with work for the next few weeks, so I won't be posting many updates, but keep sharing your patterns and I'll try post them as soon as I can.