New Features

I just added a couple of new features to the site:

  1. The ability to email your patterns to a friend (or to yourself). It's an experimental feature, so please let me know what you think of it
  2. An improved feedback form (now you can submit feedback through the site, rather than through email).

There were some back-end improvements I made which will makes things a bit easier for me to manage as well

Please test the email feature out, and let me know what you think of it. Additionally, if you have any suggestions for improvements to the site, then let me know. I'm trying to make this site as useful as possible, so comments and suggestions are much appreciated!

Over 10,000 Patterns!

I'm back from vacation now. Thanks to all those who shared patterns while I was gone! There's a small backlog of them, and some really nice patterns which were shared, which I will start posting to the blog over the next few days.

In other news, over the weekend the 10,000th pattern was made using this site! Wow! I'm really happy that the site is useful to you guys and gals. I'm planning to add a 'share this pattern by email' featured when I get the chance, but if you have any other suggestions, comments, or feedback, I'd love to hear them.

Other than that, keep using the free cross stitch pattern maker, share the cross stitch charts ad the site with your friends, and have fun stitching!

Off on vacation
I will be out of the country until 6/14, and won't have any access to email or blog posts while I'm gone. The site seems as stable as I can make it now, so things should work just fine in my absence. If they don't, then sorry! and I'll try to fix them when I get back :)
So Many New Visitors

I just looked at my logs, and all I can say is wow... in the past 5 days the site has had as many visitors as it did in the entire month of March. A large number of the visitors also shared the patterns that they made, so there is quite a backlog of them now. If you shared your pattern, thank you so much. I'll be showing them in the blog in the order I received them (except for a couple which were inappropriate), so if you're checking to see if the one you shared has been posted please be patient. I don't want to overwhelm blog subscribers, so I'll only be posting a few a day, but I will get most of them up :)

If you stitch a pattern you made on the site, then please take a picture and send it to me. I'd love to share some of your completed patterns on the site!

Also, if you notice anything weird/wrong (for example, the thread colors look nothing like the ones in the pattern) then please let me know. I used the best info I could find and do the best matching I can, but it's not always perfect. Knowing where it doesn't work will help me make the site better for everyone.

Finally, a shameless request: If you like the site and think it's useful, please share it with your friends and/or link to it from your web page or blog.

Back to (more) regular posting
Sorry for the disappearance/lack of posting, but the good news is the big deadline I was working on is now over, so I can start working through the backlog of patterns. Thanks everyone who shared their patterns. I'll be sharing a few of them a day, so check back to see the neat cross stitch patterns that you guys and gals submitted.
A small break from posting
Work and school are super crazy for the next few weeks, so I won't be making regular postings. I'll still share the patterns that you guys share with me, so keep sharing them! :)
Site Statistics Update

As of yesterday, has generated over 3,000 cross stitch patterns! I'm pretty happy about this, since the site has been live for less than three months, and already it's being used by people all over the world. My friends questioned why I bothered to make the site publicly available, instead of writing a quick program for my sister. Well, thanks to you guys, I have over 3,000 reasons why! :)

So thanks for using the site! I hope it's been useful to you. As always, I appreciate comments, suggestions, etc.. In a few weeks, I'm hoping to make some improvements to the site, so if you have ideas or suggestions of what would make this site better, I'm all ears.

In the meantime, keep using the free cross stitch pattern maker to convert your photos, images, and illustrations into cross stitch patterns. Keep sharing your patterns, and take pictures of your finished stitches to share as well!

Site Redesign

As you can see, I just finished a major redesign of the site, using RapidWeaver instead of iWeb. iWeb makes pretty web pages, but they tend to be very heavy weight (e.g. they use ajax to download an xml file to then populate the top navigation bar... I have no idea how they think that's easier than just including a few links...) RapidWeaver produces nice results, which should hopefully be smaller and faster to browse.

In addition the the redesign, I've added some new features which I hope you will enjoy:

  • A blog of free cross stitch patterns
  • A simple way to share your patterns on this site. There's a new link on the pattern download page, which will let you share your pattern in the gallery and on this blog
  • Bug fixes: Fixed some bugs that were causing errors when making patterns. If you are still encountering errors, then please let me know.

I'm hoping to update this blog regularly with interesting, unique, and fun cross stitch charts, so please share your patterns!

If you have any comments, feedback, or suggestions on the site, then I'd love to hear them.