Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there limits on how big the pattern can be, how many thread colors it can use, etc.?

Unfortunately, our web host has some strict limits on how long they process each request and on how much data they'll let you upload. The limits are about the maximum we've found that will work in most cases, and will produce patterns just about the size of a page. If you have a significantly larger image, or desire a significantly larger pattern, then we might be able to generate a custom pattern for you. If that's the case, please contact us.

Why does my pattern not exactly match the image size I selected?

We do our best to match the pattern size you requested, but we make sure to keep the same aspect ratio. We don't want to stretch the image more in one direction than in another, since the results would look different than your photo.

Why does it use fewer thread colors than I asked it to?

Sometimes we find that we can do just as good of a job with a fewer number of thread colors, so we favor simplicity in that case. If the results don't look quite like you'd want, try increasing the number of thread colors, removing the background of your image, or following some of the suggestions on the Tips page.

I've tried using the maximum number of thread colors, and the preview still looks bad. What can I do?

We try to find the best thread colors to use in each image, but you may find that another thread would look better. If that's the case, then use the better thread (and if you felt like letting us know, we can try to update our thread color database for next time). However, some images are just difficult to convert into cross stitch patterns, and for those images we do our best. We've compiled a list of suggestions on the Tips page, which may produce a nicer looking pattern. Alternatively, you can try following the steps in this tutorial create one yourself.

Why do you only use DMC threads?

Two reasons: (1) DMC is the most popular thread in our area, and (2) we were able to find information about the RGB values of the threads. If you would like support for other brands, and especially if you know a good source to get the colors of those threads, then please let us know.

Note: Some people have mentioned that there are translation tables from DMC to Anchor (or other brands). While this is true, the colors are not a perfect match, so results based on using those conversion charts will not be ideal. You can use those translation tables if you so choose, but the we are not currently supporting them since we have not been able to validate them and the results may not be up to our standards.

I keep getting an error when trying to make a pattern. How do I prevent this?

First of all, try fixing any problems described by the error. If it continues to be a problem, please let us know. It would help if you could also provide the image and other parameters you're using for the pattern.

What is your privacy policy?

We store your photo while processing and for a little while afterwards, so that it's available to you, but generally we delete it within about half an hour. However, since this is hosted on Google's App Engine, any data that you send us will be stored on their servers and possibly available to them. Additionally, since we make use of Google's app engine, as well as their advertisting network, analytics software, and other services, they have access to how you use the site and what ads you view, and may possibly track you across multiple sites using browser 'cookies'. Please see their privacy policy as well. You can control how google uses this information by setting your preferences here.

Also note that the administrators of this site may occasionally examine the generated pattern previews and/or pdfs, to both ensure quality and to try and improve the algorithms and user experience with this site. However, without your explicit permission we will not share them or retain them for longer than is described above.

For any other ideas, suggestions, any other feedback, please contact us.